Candid, uncensored chats.
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Universal struggles.
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Candid, uncensored chats.

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I’m Heba shunbo

I love design, I'm a yoga enthusiast, and on an eternal quest to figure out my life; keep learning and growing; stay connected with the people in my life that I love; and most importantly ways to crack myself up. Because let's face it, humor is life's best remedy. 

I am an Egyptian woman eternally navigating through my identity crisis; aspiring to be better, sharing the daily struggles and challenges we face and how to overcome them. `I like to defy the status quo of traditions and challenges of being a woman in the Middle East. But most importantly finding the humor and lightheartedness in those very struggles that we all share.

Entrepreneur, Interior designer, writer, podcast host, wife, mother,CREATIVE badass.

Genuine and funny Heba dares to say out loud what many mothers are thinking quietly.

No filters here but so much fun! 

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My blog is home to inspiring stories, daily challenges of life, controversial topics, and so much more. Join me on this journey of heart, mind, and soul.

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On this podcast, there is no sugar coating life, we have candid chats, spill the tea on life, in the hopes that we can connect with each other on a deeper level.
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